Signing Off for the Weekend...

Yea! I'm so excited! Today I'm heading off to to Vegas for the Winter Market
that is held at the World Market in Vegas twice a year.  Due to my husbands work,
we are down in Vegas quite a bit, but this trip is going to be very different...
extremely different. I usually have 4 children in tote, discovering the many great playgrounds or
splash parks that are in Vegas. I never really enjoy the shopping and outlets,
because currently it would be more exhausting than fun.  This time, I'll be going with some friends
and we will be focused solely on checking out the latest and greatest products
that will be ideal for Modern Palm
I can't wait to show you what I find and add it to the shop. Have a great weekend! :)


Listography Journals

With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to start a journal! These Listography Journals are so creative and fun. They make the perfectly creative gift for a friend, son or daughter, husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend.  Think Valentines... wouldn't this be such a thoughtful and personal gift? Love it!

*With over a quarter of a million copies sold, these journals have proven to be a hit!  Brand new to the collection is My Future Listography. This new journal helps one list all their hopes and dreams and encourages users to envision future goals and aspirations. This journal also includes over 70 all-new thought-provoking list topics that range from the practical (places to visit, habits to break, good deeds to perform) to the more whimsical (animals to adopt, other lives to lead, events to time-travel to). With quirky hand-drawn illustrations and insightful prompts throughout, this journal invites the motivation and fun that come with pondering the road ahead. Perfect for planners, list-lovers, and dreamers of all ages!

*List-makers rejoice! This quirky and imaginative guided journal is the ultimate tool for creating a unique autobiography entirely in list form. Some lists are obvious (greatest accomplishments, best friends, favorite food), others obscure (guiltiest pleasures, greatest acts of kindness, personal fashion trends), and each list is accompanied by hilarious illustrations. Listography is perfect for getting down all the details of a life less ordinary.

*My Listography  is quirky journal is perfect for the younger list-maker to create an entire autobiography in list form! Covering everything from favorite books and movies to secret wishes and dreams for the future, each list also comes with a comical illustration—perfect for hours of list-making fun. I think this is a great journal for a young adults or teens. 


New Colors! Divine Bakers Twine

Just added new colors! 
Plum, Brown, Blueberry, 
and Air Mail (Red, White, and Blue) 
We now have 12 different colors to choose from. 
Bakers Twine is perfect for making creative 
Valentine Cards, 
or wrapping any cookies or treats.  
REMEMBER: Presentation is everything! ;)


Colcasac Natural Sleeves for the MacBook, iPhone, iPad, & Kindle

and we've recently added new designs and styles to our shop.

If you received a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle for Christmas, then chances are 
you're looking for a unique and stylish protective cover for your new technology!
The bonus is these sleeves are durable and environmental friendly!
I personally use these sleeves, and I absolutely love their designs and materials. 
They also make a thoughtful, unique, and fantastic gift...
Hello! Think Valentines! It is right around the corner! 
Do you have a lovely love or "friend" that would love to receive one?
Check out our new inventory


LDW Online Magazine Gift Guide

I feel like I'm still trying to catch up from the crazy month of December! I have new product that I still need to put up on the site and introduce to you, that you're going to love! I've also failed to mention another Gift Guide we were included in for the holidays was Latter Day Woman Magazine. 
Once again we were called the "ultimate gift boutique!" Awww! That's exciting that other people think that too, because I totally feel like we are.  In fact, some of our new additions, which I'll be sharing soon, would make the perfect gifts... for yourself! :)


Make a Fresh Start with Your Home Decor

It's A New Year!
Make a fresh start with your home decor
by adding some bright and happy fruit!

Get the look of the famous Jonathan Adler pillows,
but pay half the price!
These pillows will add a fun, bold, modern
and groovy feel to your family room,
bedroom, kitchen, mudroom,
child's room...
well, basically any room
 where you may add this fantastic pillow.

Modern Palm
has a great selection of home decor pillows for any room in the home.
For reals... a great selection that I think you'll love!


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