Loving Hexagon by David Hicks

Loving this Hexagon Wallpaper by David Hicks...
In fact, "loving" is not a strong enough word.
I'm kinda in a frenzy obsession. 
I'm trying to wallpaper my entry and am on the countdown to make a final decision. 
But, you know me. I like too many colors + styles, 
and I can't quite settle on just one fabulous design.
But then I found hexagon...
Could I? Should I?

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New in Shop//Darling Aprons for Children!

New in Shop! Darling new aprons to add to our fabulous
Children collection in Modern Palm!
New in stock are the Hoot apron and the Retro Space apron.
We still have a few left of the Zaza aprons and Dino aprons.
My own children have these aprons and they use them often, not only in the kitchen, but when we are doing crafts and projects.  

*They could make a perfect addition to an Easter basket!*

Many children are eager to help out in the kitchen, but this can get pretty messy. Are aprons are made of laminated cotton and are 18 inch in length. They are kid-friendly and protect clothing from stains and spills. So go ahead- let them help stir the brownie mix or add blueberries to pancake batter. They will have fun and learn, and you won't worry about red frosting splatter. This time. Also great for arts and crafts projects. All aprons are lead and phthalate free.

Also check out our Children 
section for darling 



This amazing recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs, Roost.  
How is it that some people get all the talent? Well, Caitlin, from Roost, sure did... she has amazing photography, capturing videos, and delicious recipes. She and her husband went gluten, grain, sugar, lactose, and starch free a few years ago... 
How in the world can you have delicious food then? Well they show us how on her lovely blog.
I have been trying to make healthy choices + changes in my home, and I love discovering new healthy recipes, especially breakfast recipes.  My children enjoy having breakfast for dinner, as do I, so I'm looking forward to trying these almond & yogurt waffles for our next breakfast night.

Photos & Recipe via Roost


Modern & Warm: A Balancing Act

Loved this article and photos found in Coastal Living on the balancing act of blending 
different styles in this amazing Vero Beach, Florida home. 
These photos are sure warm and inviting on a cold March day...
 Russell Groves was the designer for this lovely home and is known for his clean, contemporary design. This home sure proves that modern and warm can blend perfectly. 

 Love this huge, shinny, nickel drum pendant light that hangs above the lovely circular 
oak table. The wishbone dining chairs with rattan seats are amazing! 
I want them in my dining room.

I love the juxtaposition of warm and cool colors, organic and sleek surfaces, and dark and light furnishings makes the rooms come alive. The camel colored leather framed mirror adds a warm note to the cool palette.  I love the wall paneling on both sides of the fireplace and think it adds interest to the white walls.

Pah-leez! This patio and pool surrounded by palm trees is quite amazing.
In my dreams...

more photos & article found at Coastal Living.


DIY Decor Pillows

While at Alt Summit, we had some wonderful workshops. I was able to go to a sewing class taught by Dana from the blog Dana Made It.  Now, sadly enough, I am not confident in my sewing abilities, so this class was perfect for me. She had simple projects for us, but we walked away with a fun, usable tote and darling stenciled pillows.  The pillow was so easy to make, that I decided to have my kids make some.

At the conference, Dana had people cut out designs with freezer paper and then paint on pillow.
However, to simplify at home, we used tape and shapes. For mine, I wanted to have just half silver and half natural.  On my next pillow I used the tape and made a design all over the pillow.
At any craft store you can find the metallic paint or the paint color of your choice. 

Miss Ashy chose circle stickers that she placed all over the pillow cover, then she painted the entire front of the pillow. We used the blow dryer to make sure that the paint was dry before she removed the stickers.  I-Man wanted to make two big triangles with small triangles inside. It was a great project for the kids and they loved make a pillow for their bedrooms. 
Dana has some other great ideas and projects that I can't wait to try!


Scenes from the Weekend...

Had a lovely mommy-daughter day with my lovely Miss Ashy at Color Me Mine. 
Love taking my kids there for "special time." They are so proud of what they make.
She made a darling mug with polka dots and even named the little puppies 
on her mug Coco & Cozzy.  Then we had some yummy treats at Sweet Tooth Fairy.

I-man is turning 9 this week! Crazy! and we are crazy too! We got him a dirt bike...
We live by hills where there are a lot of places to ride, 
so pretty much everyone in our neighborhood has Rhino's, 4-wheelers, and dirt bikes. 
Most of his friends already ride dirt bikes, so he was ecstatic to get his bike...
Yes, it makes me nervous, and yes I'm not ready for him to grow up.

Our kids love, love, love to dress up, so this is a typical Saturday...
Waking up to wicked spiderman, princess batgirl, super Anican, and knight Aragon. 
The names and outfits change, but they've always got something going on. 
They are so stinkin' cute when they play like this. I love their imaginations!

Here are a few Instagram photos that my brother Shaun actually took last weekend...
I forgot to add these earlier and loved them, so thought they were worth sharing...
Happy Birthday I-Man! 

Yea!!! It finally snowed... like really snowed. We had enough to sled, and sled they did.
I couldn't get the kids away from the snow. They played & played and sled & sled.
I love using  Instagram to capture my kids. It's so fun to tweak my photos with old school finishes.

And last but for sure not least... this has been a LONG time coming!!!
Baby G, who is not so baby, but will always be my baby, is finally 
POTTY TRAINED! Hurraaaayyy! 


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