Decorating with Color in a California Home

Decorating with color in California...
Spotted this fun, casual, and colorful home in Country Living this weekend and had to share some things that I loved. Costume designer Bethany Herwegh and her prop-maker husband, Chip, created their own paradise with their new California home. 
I adore the idea of wallpaper on the ceiling, and love that Bethany used a design 
that had birds and clouds giving it a sky feeling.

Love the retro tropical vibe throughout the house.
The master bedroom has amazing palm tree wallpaper by Cole & Sons 
that I just might have to use in my home. 
So many great shades of blue + green really make this home happy and bright. 
If you've liked this darling home, you'll love Bethany's darling 
blog The Glamorous Housewife

images via Country Living


Gwyneth Paltrow is Modern & Preppy for Swedish Brand Lindex

One of my favorite actresses is now a style icon, and I'm loving her 
chic/casual, modern/preppy style right now!
Gwyneth Paltrow is involved in the new spring 
"Modern Preppy" line for a Swedish Company called Lindex.
They explain that the inspiration for this new fresh spring line is from the sporty, relaxed lifestyle that is characteristic of the USA"s East Coast gems, such as Long Island and the Hamptons...
but they've added a certain Scandinavian twist.  
They've added sequins, bright colors, gold buttons, and stripes galore!
Personally, I'm loving the colors & combinations, and think Gwyneth is a perfect model 
to represent their fantastic spring clothing line! 

***in my mind I'm imagining that I could wear this selection of clothing while I spend my 
summer decorating my amazing beach house in the Hamptons this summer. 
I can see it now... 
a little tennis in the early morning, golf late morning, lunch at the beach club, a lovely beach read 
while I watch the children frolic in the ocean waves in the afternoon, and maybe flip through
 one of my Decor magazines while I sip some of my Passion Tea lemonade on the 
porch in the late afternoon. Relax time snuggling in the hammock with the kiddos.
At night I would love to host a BBQ with friends and stay up laughing and 
playing games until late.Gosh it sounds like a dream... 
OH! it is a dream!!! And a good one too! 
These outfits would fit in quite nicely to my lifestyle in my imaginary beach house... 
then again, maybe I wouldn't choose the Hamptons. Actually, I would choose a place on
 Duck Beach, NC or Hilton Head, SC.
There. The dream is a little better. huh... I could really have fun planning this. 
See what the power of fashion can do! Right now Lindex has triggered some serious 
"summer dreaming."
While my reality is quite different, it's always nice to have an imagination, right?! Ha!

So, not only is Gwyneth modeling for Lindex, but not too long ago she put on her
GOOP site some fashion ideas that she modeled for Net-A-Porter.
Check out GOOP for more fashion ideas, photos, and links to the clothing & accessories.


Chic Gardening Essentials by Celia Birtwell

Chic essential gardening tools, gloves, and pruners, 
created by Celia Birtwell 
and sold at 

keep in mind...
I can always make gift sets 
and this coordinating garden set makes a
darling gift for any lovely lady who loves 
to dable in the dirt!


Weekend Inspiration

Love this summer inspiration from the latest 
Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day!

My weekend was full of enjoyment from Mother Earth...
 I planted my veggie + fruit garden and planted my flower pots.
I also picked up my hanging flower baskets... 
every year I order them in February so they are full and beautiful come May.
I get so excited to pick them up and add them to my front porch.
The flower baskets signify summer is almost here and I'm sure ready to enjoy this coming summer.
I also enjoyed time with my four darlings. 
They made a yummy waffles + raspberries breakfast, 
and I loved receiving the adorable handmade gifts that they created with their teachers.
How wonderful is it that teachers take the time to help children make things for their mothers?
I'm sure thankful for the great teachers my children have. 
Hope you are having a sunny day! :)

photos via Anthropologie 


A General Store Inspiration Board from You Are My Fave

Melanie from the blog, You are my Fave, added one of our products we carry at 
Modern Palm Boutique to her great post on what she would stock
 if she owned a general store.  Can you guess, from the fantastic collection above, 
which product we carry?
That's right... the Mediterranean Savon de Marseille!
Savon de Marseille is a must in a fantastic store... that's why I carry it in Modern Palm.
Melanie also said that her store front would look like the photo below.
I like her taste and I know I'd like her shop! :)

images via You are my Fave


Mid-Century Photography by Slim Aarons

Yesterday I shared my love for a Shabby Apple Palm Springs photo shoot...
 and Speaking of Mid-Century chic... 
I can't get enough of Slim Aarons Photographs.
He especially loved photographing Palm Springs, Palm Beach, 
and any other pool and beach he could find.
Aren't these photos so retro, so cool, so perfect? 

And in the spirit of the Palm Springs retro era, 
here are some Palm Springs coffee table books that would add some 
retro charm to any family or living room.


Loving Sunny Palm Springs Style

be still my heart... Shabby Apple has introduced a fabulous Twin Palms  collection. 
I'm loving this photo shoot at Frank Sinatra's sunny estate as a back drop.
We're talking Palm Springs, mid-century fashion, and timeless chic style!


Giveaway: Modern Palm Boutique $75 Gift Card

I am thrilled to be having a giveaway this week over on the 
You'll flip when you check out their amazingly creative designs and ideas!
Make sure to enter to win a $75.00 in-store credit to Modern Palm Boutique!
Then, you can have a fun time shopping for Mother's Day or 
adding a little fun to your home this spring!


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