Favorite Kitchen by Tia Zoldan

This is my new favorite kitchen...
that floor is too-die-for! 
I've been trying to find more photos to show you, so when I find them, I will share.
Did you ever watch the TV show Lost? 
If so, you'll recognize the actor who owns this beautiful home. 
Nester Carbonell and his wife Shannon are the owners of this home that was featured in 
Tia Zoldan is the talented decorator and their neighbor, 
who worked on the Carbonell's home while they were in Hawaii filming Lost.  
There are so many things I love about this kitchen, but that floor really stands out to me.
This photo will also go to my banquette-idea-file, because creating one in my breakfast nook 
 is the next project I really would love to take-on in my home! 

If you look closely around the farmhouse sink, you'll find 2 beautiful graphic glass bottles...
is that the famous and wonderful Savon de Marseille soap & lotion?
Why yes, it is! and YES, you can find it in Modern Palm Boutique! 
Hands-down my fave soap + lotion for the kitchen or bath sink.

photos via here


Poppy Love

I love this bright, vibrant photo! 
I also love the darling idea of decorating these lemon and poppy-seed cookies 
like poppy flowers.
Recipe found over at the Martha Stewart site.

I have this section in my yard that is on the side of the house, and I just love passing it to enter the garage.  Especially when my orange Poppies are out... it just puts a smile on my face! 
I will stop the car & make my kids look at these flowers I adore & I will ooo & aaaw!
I love the shape & color of Poppies, & I love how wispy and interesting they are.

How darling are these Orange Poppy-Seed Cupcakes with Poppy Buttercream  Frosting?
Recipe also found on the Martha Stewart site.

Love this tutorial on how to make Paper Poppies.


MISSONI...It's On It's Way to Target!

Yesterday I shared some ZigZag Love... well, today is basically a SERIOUS continuation, expansion, and adoration for more zigzags.  And who does zigzags justice? Why Missoni, of course! Their signature look is coming to Target on Sept. 13th. Is this old news to you? Well, I can't wait for this 400-piece collection, which includes some fantastic housewares, women's, men's and girls' clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Want to see more looks from the collection? I know I do...


Chevron Love

There is something that I just love about the zig zag pattern.
It's graphic, classic, striking and yet, there is that fun element!
Here are just a few fun photos from Pinterest...
Oh! the lovely Pinterest. That site is quite addicting. One thing I love about the site,
is that the sources follow with the photo, so if you'd like the sources to these photos
you can check out Pinterest.
Here we go! Let's kick off another week! Hope it is a good one for y'all.


Southern Charm Breakfast Nook

There are so many things that I'm enamored with in this chic and cheerful breakfast nook and kitchen that was featured in the July issue of Southern Living magazine. I love the metal and lucite bar stools, the interesting and art filled wall gallery, & the gray cabinets are all fantastic! My favorite part, though, is the nook with the zig zag fabric chairs, the mod Saarinen Table, and colorful sofa in place of a more expected banquette. What a great idea! 

Photos by Laurey W Glenn & styling by Anne Turner Carroll for Southern Living magazine


Jill Crawford & Trellis Walls

I'm inspired by these amazingly graphic & unique, over sized trellis wall murals 
by Jill Crawford!
They add the "wow!" factor to these rooms.


Silhouettes of my Children

I had these 4 silhouettes made of my children for Father's Day this year...
 I think they turned out so darling! But I think I appreciate them a little more than the husband.
It's hard to see the detail in these photos, but the outline detail is great and is
very unique to each child.
We have yet to hang them up, that is a project that usually takes awhile to be completed 
here in this house, but at least I have them, right?


Amanda Nisbet: House in The Hamptons

Now doesn't this just look inviting?
I'll tell you...I'm loving the idea of The Hamptons right now and not just for the beach factor. 
I think it's for the home interior factor.
Amanda Nisbet is quite the talent from Canada and this home proves how bold and beautiful she can be.
I fell in love with this home, which I found via Style at Home.

Love this bold sofa and unique coffee table. This room is full of texture and color.
 So inviting and comfortable.

This hallway is actually one of my fave features of this home... 
what a great idea to break up the long hallway with sections of rugs. 
It adds a graphic element and I love the texture and colors.
Also loving the scones and lantern and arches.

ahhh. Tranquil + peaceful.


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