Gloveables now in Modern Palm Boutique!

Gloveables are now available in Modern Palm.  
These make the perfect gift for the 
hard working and stylish woman.
These fashionable kitchen gloves give cleaning new meaning with a chic and stylish selection, and sassy ruffles and bows. Thicker than standard rubber gloves, waterproof Gloveables are tough enough to protect your manicure while cleaning, dish washing and even gardening. Gloveables kitchen gloves are lined to prevent irritation and sweating and are equipped with a handy hang tab. Gloveables is committed to producing high quality, long-lasting products while providing ethical wages and economic stability to the people who help make them. And the price is right as a fresh fun gift idea for teachers, hostesses or thanking anyone who's given you a "helping hand." One size fits most. Gloveables kitchen gloves are lined to prevent irritation and sweating and are equipped with a handy hang tab. One size fits most.

DIY Magnetic Holiday Calendar

Darling, simple, and creative!
Maybe next year I'll be motivated to make it.


Gift Guide by Black Eiffel for Martha Stewart

 Love this gift guide by Black Eiffel for Martha Stewart.  
I'm very excited that Modern Palm was included!  
Our Kobo candles are not your average candle you can find anywhere... 
these soy based candles have a remarkable scent that you won't experience anywhere else.
They make the perfect gift! 
You can skip the wrapping since the packaging is just down-right fresh and beautiful.
Thanks to Black Eiffel for including Modern Palm!


3 Days Left! 20% off your order...Start your Holiday Shopping!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
Now, it is time to focus on the Christmas season
and select the perfect gifts for those special
people in your life.

Take 20% off
and start crossing off a few gifts from your list.

Modern Palm has the perfect selection of gift ideas 
for you, mom, sister, in-laws, friends, teachers, neighbors, and pick up a few things for your home too.
Pictured above: We have a great selection of iPad Sleeves, canvas bags, serving bowls & dinnerware,
& cosmetic bags...just a few ideas.

Our products are chosen with particular attention
to unique designs, rich colors, bold patterns, and modern prints all while being earth-friendly. 
Enter Code: MP20off


Christmas Boutique

Modern Palm is going to be in another Boutique. 
This will be a Christmas boutique for two days in Riverton, Utah.
If you live in the Salt Lake area, please come stop by! I would love to meet you
and love for you to come check out all of our fabulous finds Modern Palm has.
Pass the news along and invite your friends.


Holiday Gift Ideas from Modern Palm

It's that time of year when we all start thinking of the perfect gift
for the wonderful people in our lives.
Here are just a few gift ideas from
that might be perfect for a special someone in your life.
Everyone could use a stylin' apron, oven mitt, and tea towel, right!?

For your mother, grandmother, sister, friend or that someone
who just loves to bake,
we have several designs so you can pick the perfect style of apron.
Oh! and there are also oven mitts and tea towels to match.
These unique designs come from Scandinavia, where we have found fresh
colors and designs like the European bonsai, 1950's dandelion,
modern astrid, eclectic poetic, woodland habitat, charming aviary,
graphic floral margot, ethic medalian neema, and botanical souvenir.

Aprons, oven mitts, and tea towels make a great gift individually,
or you can combine them to create a lovely gift basket
and include your favorite recipe or cookbook.

We hope you are enjoying this  
wonderful season
and as you prepare for the holidays,  
don't forget all of the unique and wonderful gifts 
that can be found at


Katherine Rally Custom Art at Modern Palm Boutique

Why, isn't this lovely, fun and unique?  
This canvas happens to be hanging in my kitchen right now, 
and it makes me smile whenever I pass by.  
I'm so in love with it!
This wall art was custom made for me by Katherine Rally Textiles and is 
shown here in the Les Amis pattern (just like the Les Amis patterns on the pillows on my site) 
and in the color Tangerine (we have some fun Tangerine colored pillows as well).

***If you'd like a custom art piece as well, you can email me 
and tell me the dimensions, 
pattern and color (which are shown in the pillow section on Modern Palm). 

As soon as I finish painting the kitchen I will post a photo of this fantastic canvas in my kitchen.


Baker's Twine: New Colors Added to Modern Palm

Exciting News!
Just in time for Christmas, we added more colors to our inventory and we now have 
eight colors of divine twine
Cherry Red, Cotton Candy Pink, and Oyster Gray are new in Modern Palm.

Our eco-luxe bakers twine is divine for gift wrapping, crafts projects, wedding favors, and product packaging.  And if you bake a lot during the holidays, 
bakers twine is perfect for all those yummy treats you give away.

...brown paper package, tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.


ADORABLE In My {Home} Books By Sarah Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich

These In My {Home} (Den,Pond, Nest, Tree) books are just too darling! 
These are BEST SELLERS in Modern Palm Boutique
They make the perfect gift for a baby or toddler... and even my older children love them! 
I think that the little finger puppet draws people in, but the precious folk-art illustrations 
make people adore the books.  The layered die-cut pages allow a peek at all the 
colorful things that make up each animal's home. 
Written by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich


Treehouse Boutique & Modern Palm

If you live around the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, 
then I have the perfect thing for you to do 
this Friday!  
On October 22nd, from 9am to 9pm
The Treehouse in Draper, Utah.  
There are over 40 vendors, but most importantly...  
will be there! Come visit me! 
 I'd love to see you there!


Do you love Bamboo? We do...

We LOVE Bamboo!

has a great selection of different Bamboo products. Our new bowl collection is perfect for all of your dinning and entertaining needs. The eye-catching colors in unique finishes will add beauty and warmth to your home d├ęcor. In this sassy collection you will be able to mix and match bowls and salad servers of various shapes and size to suit your personal style . From fruits to salads, rice to pasta, chips to nuts you will have the perfect bamboo bowl on hand to serve all of your favorite delectable's.
Bamboo is one of the most remarkable resources on Earth. As a member of the grass family, not a tree, it grows at a much quicker rate than any other wood. From start to harvest (60-70 feet tall) it can take just four years. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, therefore stopping bacteria from growing. It is also one of the strongest yet lightest materials around. Bamboo is 16% stronger than Maple and is 33% lighter in weight than Oak.  What is probably most remarkable is its unique extensive root system. When bamboo is harvested its natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself.  
A modern addition to any child's room, we have a large selection to choose from:
Jungle Friends, Tree Friends, Forest Friends, and Owl Family.
All mobiles are laser-cut from sustainably harvested bamboo,
an earth-friendly renewable resource

These LETTERPRESS cards are hand-printed on bamboo
(yes bamboo!) paper.
Sealed in a glossy sleeve and includes a matching envelope.
Inside is blank.
is the answer to your exfoliation needs. It is formulated with
to remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin.

This allows your vibrant skin cells to come to the surface and shine.
It also stimulates those cells to reproduce more healthy skin.

It is also full of anti-oxidents and emoilents to sooth your skin for a fresh feeling
you can't get with any other microdermabrasion cream.
Come check out our BAMBOO selection as well as our other fantastic products. 
 The  holidays are coming up...
don't forget about the fun & unique gifts that you will find in
We have the perfect selection for moms, sisters, friends,
neighbors, teachers, babies, children, and of course, yourself!


Jill Rosenwald Tableware in Modern Palm Boutique

She is known for her creativity and talent in the design world. 
Her work has adorned the shelves of Barneys and Neimans and was featured on "Sex and the City". 
Many magazines have featured her products including:
Oprah, Elle Decor, Coastal Living, and countless other design magazines. 
Who is this amazing talent? 
Not only does she have her very successful line in beautiful handmade ceramics, 
but she has now expanded her colorful and whimsical style to other items in home decor: 
such as bedding, furniture, and rugs. 
is lucky enough to have some of Jill Rosenwald's 
ceramic tableware in our store. 
We also have a great selection of of other dinnerware and tableware.
I don't know why, but I have such a weakness for beautiful and creative tableware. 
These are perfect for entertaining this holiday season!


NEW at Modern Palm! Katherine Rally Pillows and Tablecloths!

The latest addition to the

Modern Palm Boutique

are these amazing pillows & tablecloths by Katherine Rally,
all the way from Bali!

The name Katherine Rally comes from its two designers / creators, 
Katherine and Rally Dupps.
After backpacking through Southeast Asia, 
they were engaged and decided to move to Bali, Indonesia.

Luckily, we are able to benefit from their surroundings! 
They have created their own line of batiks inspired by their love of 
travel, textiles and design. 

Luckily, we are able to benefit from their surroundings! 
They have created their own line of batiks inspired by their love of 
travel, textiles and design.

I adore these unique prints, designs, and colors.  I love the possibility of mixing the modern designs with the more traditional.  And how fun are these colors? So many possibilities with these bright, bold and beautiful colors.  They could be perfect for layering together, or they could make a serious statement by using the same color but mixing with different prints.
To check out more pillows and tablecloths 
please visit  

Here are just a few designs that I personally love...
Can't wait to find out which are your favorite! 
I adore these bright, exotic tablecloths. Perfect way to spice up a kitchen!


Another Giveaway!

Are you ready for another Giveaway!?
Just getting started with giveaways people, so there are a lot of opportunities 
to enjoy some fun things from Modern Palm.
Today, my friend, Kami, at No Biggie is having a giveaway for a 
$25 Gift Certificate 
to spend anyway you'd like in Modern Palm. 
Kami also has a very informative and fun blog so you'll want to
 Go enter to win and check out her blog.
Good luck! 



Today Jill Can Blog is doing a review and giveaway for a 
Modern Palm Weekly Planner
She also has a great store review of Modern Palm! It's always fun and exciting to find out 
others love my new store too!  Really, I'm quite in fond of it! :) 
What a sweetheart! Oh, and I love her sassy, fun personality & writing!
If you'd like to check it out and enter to win click here!

The weekly planner is one of 5 zigzag notepad designs that are
EXCLUSIVE to Modern Palm.
( BTW There are two more designs in print right now that will be in the store soon!  Yea!)


Baby Gift & Baby Shower Ideas

Do you have a baby shower coming up? 
Know of a friend or family member who is having a baby? 
Or, are you having a baby?

has some fabulous gifts for babies, baby rooms, and children! 
Oh! and let's not forget the all important mom! 
Modern Palm also has great items and gifts for the mom, as well.

Here is a sample of some of the plush animals, darling art prints, journals, decorative pillows, aprons, books, bamboo baby mobiles, hooded towels, art cards that are in the Modern Palm Boutique.
There are so many more fun, unique, and darling gifts... 
come take a look!


Infinite Aloe Skin Care


in  Hollywood.

Found in the Modern Palm Boutique

I am a product junkie...
I love a good product, and most importantly, 
I love it when a good product lives up to it's hype and promises. 
This Infinite Aloe cream and scrub is one product line that I love and adore.  In fact, I was introduced to this product line before 
Modern Palm was conceived, 
and felt I just had to have it included in my boutique, 
since it was one of my favorite things.
I am so excited to be selling Infinite Aloe in Modern Palm Boutique. 
Want more info on this amazing lotion? Read on...

Simply beautiful skin, forever: that’s’ what women have come to expect from InfiniteAloe health and beauty skin care and why InfiniteAloe® is nominated as 2010’s Number One Skin Care in Hollywood.
Skin care that nourishes your skin with more than 21essential oils and pure plant essences, InfiniteAloe cares for a variety of skin conditions from acne to eczema while keeping mature skin soft, youthful and beautiful, even in harsh weather.
We are proud to tell you that InfiniteAloe’s light, non-greasy formula of organic Aloe-Vera topped with powerful plant essences like yucca, ginseng, and rosehips has helped tens of thousands to clear, beautiful skin for the rest of their lives. Its why so many say, “I don’t need expensive creams and lotions, just InfiniteAloe."

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care has been specially formulated using the very highest quality Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) combined with ingredients carefully selected to enhance the Aloe's effectiveness.

Looking for a quality moisturizer for difficult skin conditions? From abrasions and acne to eczema and radiation burns, many InfiniteAloe® Skin Care users are enthusiastic about results!

Non greasy, not oily, won't clog your pores and it penetrates many layers deep into the skin to soothe and soften. The 8 oz is a 4-6 month supply for most.

Love your skin with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, the Best Aloe Vera Skin Cream and the last skin cream you'll ever try.


Savon de Marseille Extra Pur Soap + Lotion

Have you ever seen these amazing soaps and lotions? 
Have you ever used these amazing soaps and lotions? 

If not, it is a MUST!
You won't stop oohing! and aahing! 

With one pump you will be sold on it's greatness! 
The mild but true scent of PURE soap will take you on a wee journey 
to the destination: Marseille, France.
Their olive oil soap is amazing and shows that some things 
just don't need to change. 
In fact, they still make this soap the same way they've been making it for ages.
This is one of the "in-the-know" products. 
Whether you were introduced to it when you were in France
or happened upon it, you are one of the lucky ones. 
You feel the difference of quality with this soap. Just perfect!
Treat your hands to a delicate cleansing experience with 

Authentic liquid Savon de Marseille Soaps & Lotions are lightly scented
and made exclusively with natural vegetable oils, 
no other liquid soap is more perfectly formulated for daily hand-washing. 
Free from any artificial colorants and animal products, 
our liquid soaps are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and mildly antiseptic.

The Shea Body Lotion really is quite amazing. Formulated using the finest natural shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil and almond oil, Compagnie de Provence Body Milk has a smooth and fluid texture that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. With seven exquisite fragrances to choose from, our body milk will leave your skin beautifully scented and silky soft. 
I mean come on! 
These glass graphic bottles are so  
BOLD, beautiful, and Perfect!
Adding these Savon de Marseille bottles to a kitchen or bathroom
is a fantastic way to spice up and classy up the room.
I also love the Lavender.  
This soap + lotion is has a dark, unique bottle. 
The scent is wonderful, and
 the design on the bottles is so graphic and unique.



I'm so excited, I can hardly contain it! 
This is Modern Palms first week with our "online doors" open!  
So far, I've had really good feed back and people seem to be excited about my store... 
which is very exciting.  I was very nervous to see how people would respond....  
will others be as excited about my products as I?
Well, someone was!  

Modern Palm had it's 1st Review!!!

I am so in love with Katja Presnal's creative name for her business/site: Skimbaco
Skimbaco had a review on Modern Palm yesterday!
I happen to COMPLETELY agree with her statement:

 "Modern Palm is so much more than a gift shop though, but I wanted you to think of the store as a place where you could pop in on a rainy day, and instantly “gift” yourself a cheerful moment; and find beautiful things for your home to please your eye."

Thank you Katja! You made my day!  
What a positive and beautiful review!


Jack & Lulu cards + Sloane Magazine + Modern Palm = Summer Entertaining

Wowza!  Don't you just love these orange Jack & Lulu Stripey Straws?  
I mean, so entirely perfect for entertaining!  
Grab a bottled drink, like a root beer or an Izze, and throw in a straw 
and you've got a fun and fab drink for any party or BBQ.
Cassandra from Coco + Kelley wrote this article about her summer essentials in the 
online magazine: Sloane
I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree with her list... especially the straws.
The Jack & Lulu straws can be found in the Modern Palm Boutique.  
Just another fantastic find from a fantastic store! :)


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