Infinite Aloe Skin Care


in  Hollywood.

Found in the Modern Palm Boutique

I am a product junkie...
I love a good product, and most importantly, 
I love it when a good product lives up to it's hype and promises. 
This Infinite Aloe cream and scrub is one product line that I love and adore.  In fact, I was introduced to this product line before 
Modern Palm was conceived, 
and felt I just had to have it included in my boutique, 
since it was one of my favorite things.
I am so excited to be selling Infinite Aloe in Modern Palm Boutique. 
Want more info on this amazing lotion? Read on...

Simply beautiful skin, forever: that’s’ what women have come to expect from InfiniteAloe health and beauty skin care and why InfiniteAloe® is nominated as 2010’s Number One Skin Care in Hollywood.
Skin care that nourishes your skin with more than 21essential oils and pure plant essences, InfiniteAloe cares for a variety of skin conditions from acne to eczema while keeping mature skin soft, youthful and beautiful, even in harsh weather.
We are proud to tell you that InfiniteAloe’s light, non-greasy formula of organic Aloe-Vera topped with powerful plant essences like yucca, ginseng, and rosehips has helped tens of thousands to clear, beautiful skin for the rest of their lives. Its why so many say, “I don’t need expensive creams and lotions, just InfiniteAloe."

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care has been specially formulated using the very highest quality Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) combined with ingredients carefully selected to enhance the Aloe's effectiveness.

Looking for a quality moisturizer for difficult skin conditions? From abrasions and acne to eczema and radiation burns, many InfiniteAloe® Skin Care users are enthusiastic about results!

Non greasy, not oily, won't clog your pores and it penetrates many layers deep into the skin to soothe and soften. The 8 oz is a 4-6 month supply for most.

Love your skin with InfiniteAloe® Skin Care, the Best Aloe Vera Skin Cream and the last skin cream you'll ever try.


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