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I adore all 5 styles... how could I ever choose? 
zig zag, polka dot, classic, fluorescent, bright, or fun? 
love. love. love.
which would you choose?


Reese Witherspoon's Ojai House

Reese Witherspoon's lovely Ojai, California home was featured in Elle Decor recently.
Reese's weekend home, which was originally built in 1923, was recently redesigned by her friend, Kristen Buckingham, and came with seven acres of beautiful property.

The living room's amazing wood ceiling, wrought-iron chandelier, and fireplace are all original to the house. Although it has the historic Spanish charm, I really like how she mixed the original decor with quite a bit of Scandinavian furniture and style.

These bedrooms for her children are simple and sophisticated...
What kid doesn't love to have their bed in a little nook area.

This terrace is perfection!

images via Elle Decor


A Chic Little California Beach House

I'm always a fan of a beautiful beach house, I mean, really... who isn't, right?
This lovely little 1,650 sq. foot beach house, located in Marin County, California, 
is clean, white, bright, and fresh.  
House Beautiful highlights in their last magazine issue, how the owners of this 
chic beach house made excellent use of space to accommodate a large group of people.

I adore the use of blackboards under the counter and a part of the cabinetry.
My favorite part though, has to be the banquette and the use of baskets under the bench 
for extra storage.  It just looks like such an inviting, cozy, and functional area.

That view is insane! I think I would eat every meal out on the deck...
what a lovely home. 


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