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Right now I'm inspired by the site The Glow. I just can't get enough of this little glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms. I could seriously browse all day... 
On The Glow you'll find styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and, of course, decor.

There is really nothing like the love a mother has for her children... nothing. The Glow portrays that love through incredible photography, which I think speaks for itself. They could just use the photos with no writing, and we'd all still capture the story.

My favorite posts happen to be of the very talented Christiane Lemieux and Cynthia Rowely. 
Christiane Lemieux is the founder and creative director of DwellStudio.  She has mastered the subtle art of undone glamour, both at work and at home.

Cynthia Rowley, a fashion icon, runs a global empire (fashion, home, books, band-aids!) 
These are just a few of my faves. Check out The Glow for more inspiration from these lovely mothers and their beautiful children.



Best Cosmetic Bags Ever!

New Year Goal: Get Organized! 
Well, these cosmetic bags can assist you in that goal...

I love me some fabulous make up & products. Yes, I do!
That is why I need the best cosmetic bags to hold some fabulous products & makeup.

Modern Palm now has new styles and, and to be honest, I can't decide which is my fave...
I'm loving all of them! 
The barrel size is perfect for makeup brushes or eyeliners. 
I also use it for my purse to keep pens and smaller items. 
The medium size is perfect for makeup. I also use it to organize my purse 
with my business cards, coupons, or other small items.  
The large I love for traveling. It holds bottles, brushes, jewelry, etc.
They are easy to wipe down and clean, and both the medium and large have interior pockets. Bonus!


Grilled Salmon-and-Asparagus Salad

I am a fan of a yummy, healthy salad & this salad sure looks divine! 
Hope y'all enjoy your weekend... 
mine will be filled with basketball, dance, a little work, and enjoying my family.
Whatever you have in store for the weekend, enjoy!

Grilled Salmon-and-Asparagus Salad
  • 1 (1 1/2-pound) salmon fillet or 4 (6-ounce) salmon fillets
  • 1 pound asparagus spears
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 8 cups arugula
  • 1 pint yellow cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Creamy Lemon-Shallot Vinaigrette
1. Brush salmon and toss asparagus with olive oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill salmon over medium-high heat (350° to 400°) for 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness. Grill asparagus, turning occasionally, 3 to 5 minutes or until tender. 2. Divide arugula evenly among 4 plates; top with flaked salmon, asparagus, and tomatoes. Serve with vinaigrette.
Recipe & photo found here.


Cute for Valentines Day: Rosy Designs

Arent' these just darling designs? Especially for Valentines...
While at Alt Summit, we receive a few lovely gifts that were full of darling products. 
During one of the our lunches, we found a wonderful surprise left by Cargoh

Included were a few cards from Rosy Designs and I just had to share them with you. 
My daughter fell in love with them too & already claimed which cards she wants!
Rosy Designs is shop found both on Etsy & Cargoh that is full 
of cute post cards, notecards, buttons, calendars, etc.
They are definitely worth checking out.


Fab 4 Favorites

These are a few items that I'm currently loving... 
I always love fun, unique shoes and these Hinge shoes happen to be quite comfortable too!


Alt Summit Conference in SLC

Feeling quite inspired today from a great weekend at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Alt Summit is a bloggers conference for those who are obsessed with 
lifestyle, design, interiors, photography, & fashion to meet, learn, grow, and connect...
- all wrapped up with a social media bow-.

There were some amazing classes, speakers, workshops, parties, & of course people!
It was a big-overflowing bowl of inspiration + creativity where I experienced 
a roller-coaster of feelings:
excitement, inspiration, overwhelmed, inadequate, rejuvenated, high-school-nervousness, 
sad, happy, jealous, joy, humility, frustrated, courageous, small, creative, and then...
excited + inspired again... 
all roller-coaster feelings aside,  I walked away with a refreshed vision for my life 
& for Modern Palm shop & blog.  
Something many of us struggle with is balance... everyday I struggle to balance what I want, 
what my kids need, what the house demands, and what life brings.  
It was nice to go to a conference and get ideas to help in my ever-on-going search for 
more BALANCE in my life.
 I loved connecting with other bloggers,  shop owners, and business owners. 
There truly are some amazing, kind, and talented people that I was able to meet, 
and I'm really grateful for and appreciate the opportunity I had to go to Alt Sumit. 

One person that I especially loved meeting and learning from was Ben Silberman, 
the owner and creator of Pinerest, that "little" site that we all love and adore. 
Two years ago he attended Alt with the idea to start what is now Pinterest... 
this year he was the Keynote speaker who received a standing ovation after his presentation! 
Granted, he was in a large room full of people that are obsessed with his site and use it almost daily! 
Not only is he responsible for a site that allows us to appreciate, collect & organize 
all of the beautiful & creative photos of design, fashion, crafts, food, etc., 
turns out, he is also quite inspirational. I love that he said: 
"Pinterest's goal is to get you offline and inspire you to do the things you love!" 
he also said:
"Pinterest is a team of people who want to build something bigger than themselves."
Ben Silberman
If you need an invite to Pinterest, shoot me an email and I'll invite you...
if you're already on, let's be friends, if we're not already...
Follow me here.
Hope you all have a lovely + balanced day... I'm going to at least try. :) 
I'm now going to attempt to get a workout in...
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back again soon! Mwah!

images via Alt Summit


Fabulous Bathrooms Round-up

This gray paneled wall treatment is really quite impressive in a bathroom.
 I think it plays up the basketweave floor tile, which I adore.
And that light, usually used in a kitchen, makes an impressive addition to the bathroom.
To be honest... this is one of my favorite bathrooms. I just love it!

I love wallpaper in bathrooms. The wallpaper in the photo above is Schumacher.
I also love the glittery marble mosaic-tiled floor, marble counters and glass-droplet chandelier. 
The low, freestanding tub makes the room feel more spacious and opulent.

I'm always a fan a striped walls, and in a bathroom it adds the wow factor.
That copper tub is amazing.

Fresh, large & spacious is always nice.
I like that the tub has it's own little cubby area.

The rest of these amazing bathrooms were found via Pinterest.
Bathrooms are a small area where you can add a lot of personality, 
or have a spa-like calm room. For a few more of my faves, check out my Pinterest.


Jewel's Beautiful Texas Ranch via InStyle

I always enjoy the celebrity home highlight that InStyle has in their magazine.
This last issue featured Jewel on her beautiful Texas Ranch and
the very talented Bobby Fisher photographed Jewel and her casual, homey home.

Jewel's office is quite fantastic! 
White walls, silver and turquoise accents, and a lacquer moose head is 
homage to Alaska, where she grew up.
The Moroccan lighting really adds a wow factor to the room. 

photos via Bobby Fisher
check out article via Instyle Magazine


Fresh & Bright Looks via House Beautiful

Yellow in a kitchen is quite a happy addition...
and this graphic & gray floor is amazing. 
House Beautiful sure kicked off the new year with a fresh & bright look.

I'm always a fan of dark blue walls, but what really makes this bedroom stand out 
are the Greek Keys in the lantern and on the shades.
I'm just loving the fresh & stark red, white & blue... 
I would love to stay in this guest bedroom.


Inspiring Color: Navy

It's always sad to clean up and put away the Christmas decor. 
However, I do enjoy the refreshed goal of organizing and simplifying.  
As I'm cleaning, organizing and putting the house back together again,  
I also like to move things around and freshen things up.  
A certain color that I'm particularly liking right now happens to be navy. 
Navy is always classic. It reminds me of Spring in a nautical way. 
It is crisp and Navy is always cool.  Navy is also a chic color that combines so well with 
so many other colors.  Here are a few fantastic photos of home decor using Navy 
that I was happy to find on Elle Decor. I actually painted one of my boys rooms navy... 
I'll get photos and share soon. Honestly, It's one of my favorite wall colors.
Happy organizing everyone! 

images via Elle Decor


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