Best Cosmetic Bags Ever!

New Year Goal: Get Organized! 
Well, these cosmetic bags can assist you in that goal...

I love me some fabulous make up & products. Yes, I do!
That is why I need the best cosmetic bags to hold some fabulous products & makeup.

Modern Palm now has new styles and, and to be honest, I can't decide which is my fave...
I'm loving all of them! 
The barrel size is perfect for makeup brushes or eyeliners. 
I also use it for my purse to keep pens and smaller items. 
The medium size is perfect for makeup. I also use it to organize my purse 
with my business cards, coupons, or other small items.  
The large I love for traveling. It holds bottles, brushes, jewelry, etc.
They are easy to wipe down and clean, and both the medium and large have interior pockets. Bonus!


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