Jack & Lulu Notecards + Divine Twine

These Jack & Lulu notecards make a perfect gift for any occasion.
I adore these cards because they are simple yet bold, classy yet fun.
You can personalize them to the person you're giving them to...
or you can have your "signature" card that you send to others.
Can you guess which is my fave? You're right! The Palm Tree...
but I actually love all of them! They're all too fantastic!

I love going crazy with our Divine Bakers Twine to add a simple but fun wrapping.

Recipe: Toffee


1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
chopped pecans

Spray Pam in 9x13 glass pan.  Heat sugar and butter to boiling on high.  When boiling turn down and stir for 6 to 7 min.  Immediately spread mixture in pan.  Sprinkle choc. chips over mix and put a cookie sheet over pan to help trap heat and melt chocolate.  After choc. is melted, spread and sprinkle chopped pecans over.  Refrigerate until hard.

**for a SUPER HEALTHY version... just use all organic choc., sugar, and butter...ha! ha!
**This is a very simple recipe. But after trying other toffee recipes, I always go back to it!  There is something that I just love about this recipe.  Great for holidays, or any day!


More Gift Ideas: Mini Savon de Marseille

I always love me some Savon de Marseille!
These little travel size soap bars are perfect for the person who loves to travel. 
Or, do you have a friend that is obsessed with France? 
Or a sister who is a product junkie and loves to try new things?
Or a mom that is a sucker for all-things-pretty?

These soaps also make a fun little gift to use as a stocking stuffer, 
neighbor gift, teacher gift, or they have the ability to make another gift 
even more darling & more perfect! :)

Don't forget to add some Divine Bakers Twine to your cart!
Modern Palm has a crazy large selection in colors and you can use this twine for 
holidays, baking, wrapping, crafting, hanging...
basically ANTHING! 
It's an all-functioning all-purposing product.


Gift Packages Available at Modern Palm

Gift Packages are available at Modern Palm during the holidays.
If you are interested, just shoot me an email {info(at)modernpalm(dot)com} 
and let me know what you'd like to be in your gift package, 
and I will let you know what the group discount will be.
We will take care of the gifting, wrapping, packaging & shipping for you.
Super easy way to send a wonderful gift to a wonderful friend, sister, or mother.


Travel Gift Set from Compagnie de Provence Savon de Marseille: Mediterranean Sea

The new Savon de Marseille scent, Mediterranean Sea, now has a fun travel gift set that
is now available at Modern Palm! 
This is travel set makes the ideal gift for someone on the go, a stocking stuffer, neighbor gift, 
teacher gift, or just someone who loves the fabulous Compagnie de Provence 
Included in each box set are 1 oz. tubes of shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, & a bar soap.  
This refreshing scent blends white flowers, ripe citrus and subtle hints of musk topped off with a light salty note.  This is a great way to sample the famous Compagnie de Provence products.


Katherine Rally Pillows for the Holidays

These red Katherine Rally pillows can really add to your holiday decor.
Something I love about our pillows is that they are perfect for 
mixing and matching the colors & patterns! 

The same pillow can be used in so many ways...
and can take on a different look depending on the patters and colors you use with them.
Spice up your decor for the holidays with a new pillow, or give them away as a gift!
Either way, they are perfect for the holidays.

Check out other pillow colors & designs from Modern Palm.


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