More Gift Ideas: Mini Savon de Marseille

I always love me some Savon de Marseille!
These little travel size soap bars are perfect for the person who loves to travel. 
Or, do you have a friend that is obsessed with France? 
Or a sister who is a product junkie and loves to try new things?
Or a mom that is a sucker for all-things-pretty?

These soaps also make a fun little gift to use as a stocking stuffer, 
neighbor gift, teacher gift, or they have the ability to make another gift 
even more darling & more perfect! :)

Don't forget to add some Divine Bakers Twine to your cart!
Modern Palm has a crazy large selection in colors and you can use this twine for 
holidays, baking, wrapping, crafting, hanging...
basically ANTHING! 
It's an all-functioning all-purposing product.


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