I'm so excited, I can hardly contain it! 
This is Modern Palms first week with our "online doors" open!  
So far, I've had really good feed back and people seem to be excited about my store... 
which is very exciting.  I was very nervous to see how people would respond....  
will others be as excited about my products as I?
Well, someone was!  

Modern Palm had it's 1st Review!!!

I am so in love with Katja Presnal's creative name for her business/site: Skimbaco
Skimbaco had a review on Modern Palm yesterday!
I happen to COMPLETELY agree with her statement:

 "Modern Palm is so much more than a gift shop though, but I wanted you to think of the store as a place where you could pop in on a rainy day, and instantly “gift” yourself a cheerful moment; and find beautiful things for your home to please your eye."

Thank you Katja! You made my day!  
What a positive and beautiful review!


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