Savon de Marseille Extra Pur Soap + Lotion

Have you ever seen these amazing soaps and lotions? 
Have you ever used these amazing soaps and lotions? 

If not, it is a MUST!
You won't stop oohing! and aahing! 

With one pump you will be sold on it's greatness! 
The mild but true scent of PURE soap will take you on a wee journey 
to the destination: Marseille, France.
Their olive oil soap is amazing and shows that some things 
just don't need to change. 
In fact, they still make this soap the same way they've been making it for ages.
This is one of the "in-the-know" products. 
Whether you were introduced to it when you were in France
or happened upon it, you are one of the lucky ones. 
You feel the difference of quality with this soap. Just perfect!
Treat your hands to a delicate cleansing experience with 

Authentic liquid Savon de Marseille Soaps & Lotions are lightly scented
and made exclusively with natural vegetable oils, 
no other liquid soap is more perfectly formulated for daily hand-washing. 
Free from any artificial colorants and animal products, 
our liquid soaps are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and mildly antiseptic.

The Shea Body Lotion really is quite amazing. Formulated using the finest natural shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil and almond oil, Compagnie de Provence Body Milk has a smooth and fluid texture that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. With seven exquisite fragrances to choose from, our body milk will leave your skin beautifully scented and silky soft. 
I mean come on! 
These glass graphic bottles are so  
BOLD, beautiful, and Perfect!
Adding these Savon de Marseille bottles to a kitchen or bathroom
is a fantastic way to spice up and classy up the room.
I also love the Lavender.  
This soap + lotion is has a dark, unique bottle. 
The scent is wonderful, and
 the design on the bottles is so graphic and unique.


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