Holiday Gift Ideas from Modern Palm

It's that time of year when we all start thinking of the perfect gift
for the wonderful people in our lives.
Here are just a few gift ideas from
that might be perfect for a special someone in your life.
Everyone could use a stylin' apron, oven mitt, and tea towel, right!?

For your mother, grandmother, sister, friend or that someone
who just loves to bake,
we have several designs so you can pick the perfect style of apron.
Oh! and there are also oven mitts and tea towels to match.
These unique designs come from Scandinavia, where we have found fresh
colors and designs like the European bonsai, 1950's dandelion,
modern astrid, eclectic poetic, woodland habitat, charming aviary,
graphic floral margot, ethic medalian neema, and botanical souvenir.

Aprons, oven mitts, and tea towels make a great gift individually,
or you can combine them to create a lovely gift basket
and include your favorite recipe or cookbook.

We hope you are enjoying this  
wonderful season
and as you prepare for the holidays,  
don't forget all of the unique and wonderful gifts 
that can be found at


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