Weekend Inspiration

Love this summer inspiration from the latest 
Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day!

My weekend was full of enjoyment from Mother Earth...
 I planted my veggie + fruit garden and planted my flower pots.
I also picked up my hanging flower baskets... 
every year I order them in February so they are full and beautiful come May.
I get so excited to pick them up and add them to my front porch.
The flower baskets signify summer is almost here and I'm sure ready to enjoy this coming summer.
I also enjoyed time with my four darlings. 
They made a yummy waffles + raspberries breakfast, 
and I loved receiving the adorable handmade gifts that they created with their teachers.
How wonderful is it that teachers take the time to help children make things for their mothers?
I'm sure thankful for the great teachers my children have. 
Hope you are having a sunny day! :)

photos via Anthropologie 


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