Gwyneth Paltrow is Modern & Preppy for Swedish Brand Lindex

One of my favorite actresses is now a style icon, and I'm loving her 
chic/casual, modern/preppy style right now!
Gwyneth Paltrow is involved in the new spring 
"Modern Preppy" line for a Swedish Company called Lindex.
They explain that the inspiration for this new fresh spring line is from the sporty, relaxed lifestyle that is characteristic of the USA"s East Coast gems, such as Long Island and the Hamptons...
but they've added a certain Scandinavian twist.  
They've added sequins, bright colors, gold buttons, and stripes galore!
Personally, I'm loving the colors & combinations, and think Gwyneth is a perfect model 
to represent their fantastic spring clothing line! 

***in my mind I'm imagining that I could wear this selection of clothing while I spend my 
summer decorating my amazing beach house in the Hamptons this summer. 
I can see it now... 
a little tennis in the early morning, golf late morning, lunch at the beach club, a lovely beach read 
while I watch the children frolic in the ocean waves in the afternoon, and maybe flip through
 one of my Decor magazines while I sip some of my Passion Tea lemonade on the 
porch in the late afternoon. Relax time snuggling in the hammock with the kiddos.
At night I would love to host a BBQ with friends and stay up laughing and 
playing games until late.Gosh it sounds like a dream... 
OH! it is a dream!!! And a good one too! 
These outfits would fit in quite nicely to my lifestyle in my imaginary beach house... 
then again, maybe I wouldn't choose the Hamptons. Actually, I would choose a place on
 Duck Beach, NC or Hilton Head, SC.
There. The dream is a little better. huh... I could really have fun planning this. 
See what the power of fashion can do! Right now Lindex has triggered some serious 
"summer dreaming."
While my reality is quite different, it's always nice to have an imagination, right?! Ha!

So, not only is Gwyneth modeling for Lindex, but not too long ago she put on her
GOOP site some fashion ideas that she modeled for Net-A-Porter.
Check out GOOP for more fashion ideas, photos, and links to the clothing & accessories.


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