Martha Stewart + Divine Twine + Modern Palm

Divine Twine, the divine baker's twine, was featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine. 
How exciting! Where to get this versatile twine?
Modern Palm carries Divine Twine in the many divine colors.
This is not your regular bakers twine! Great care has been taken in creating the eco-luxe Divine Twine.
It's made from 100% cotton so it's soft to the touch, bio-degradable and earth-friendly.
Plus the 4-ply construction makes it nice and strong.
It's produced in the USA in mouth-watering colors that look good enough to eat.
Each spool contains 240 yards, enough to last you a long time, yet easy to store.
favors or product packaging.

"What does one do with baker's twine?"
you ask...

Use it for:
wrapping gifts, packages, favors, or products
beautifying a lunch or picnic
 adding a little more love to baked goods or any food
adding some unique fun to crafts
specializing your scrap booking
spicing up an invitation
fancy up a party...
the possibilities are endless!

I love this stuff!  It is so cute and there are so many creative ways to use it.
I'm thinking I'd love to pack a picnic wrapping and labeling the food using Divine Twine.
Wouldn't that be just divine! :)


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