A Royal Room

Hope everyone had a lovely royal weekend! 
I didn't watch the entire wedding, but I was able to see bits and clips.  
I was so tempted to have a little "tea party" and watch with friends, however, 
I was a bit preoccupied with another special occasion of my own... 
my 8-year-old son was baptized and we had family and friends over for the occasion.  
I was able to squeeze in a Royal movie, though, and finally watched  
The King's Speech
Have you seen it? I really enjoyed the movie and thought the acting was fantastic. 
I always love a good historical film.
I was trying to explain all the excitement and significance over the Royal wedding 
 to my kiddos, when I realized how neat it REALLY is... 
there is something really historically amazing about  how far back the 
Royal blood line goes and how Great Britain has held on to the tradition of Royalty. 
I love these photos and think they capture the excitement 
that the British must feel.


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