Scandinavian Style for the Holidays

Are you getting your house ready for holiday decor, 
holiday parties, and holiday food?

has some darling Scandinavian Style to add to your kitchen or gifts...

THINK: magical & imaginative Iittala Taika Finnish Salad/Pasta Bowls 
for your wonderful & tasty salad.
THINK: add some natural chic to your table with the Iittala Taika Finnish Mugs...
some delicious festive hot chocolate or apple cider would taste even better, I'm sure!
THINK: baking some wonderful pies for Thanksgiving dinner,
while looking stylish in your unique & whimsical apron.
THINK: pulling out a sheet of heavenly cookies with your darling oven mitts
THINK: washing your hands with some amazing Savon de Marseille soap, 
then drying your hands with a lovely new tea towel 
that adds a little style to your kitchen for the holidays.
THINK:  a darling salad bowl filled with an apron, tea towel & oven mitt... 
the perfect thoughful, functional, & amazing giftfor your friend, 
sister, mother, or neighbor... WOW!!
You are right on target in the gift department! Every woman could use an amazing gift like that!


Sometimes it's the little things that makes all the difference 
in the look of a table setting or the style of our kitchen.


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