Nantucket + Cape Cod

Um... it has almost been a month since I've posted on my lil ol blog here. 
Life kinda took over and I tried to soak up as much of summer as I could with my kiddos. 

Luckily, I was able to sneak a 2 day get away to Cape Cod & Nantucket. 
I felt it was way too quick. It was a tease. Like, here is a perfect place with amazing beaches, 
gorgeous beach homes, delicious restaurants, and a possibility of some serious relaxation...
here is what you could enjoy, aaannnddd bam! Now-go-home.
Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my nibble of the perfect vacation. 
I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I'm 100% grateful for it...
I just can't wait for more.  
If some of you think I'm being a little dramatic, you're right, I am. 
I adore Nantucket and can't wait to get back there. 
Here are a few photos of my trip...

love the old Colonial town with cobblestone + brick streets

Siasconset Beach

here is just a taste of the amazing Nantucket homes.
I was ooohing and ahhhing all-the-day-long.

Sesachacha Pond

and what is a trip to Nantucket without a lovely book from Elin Hilderbrand?
Elin is Nantucket resident who is author to many lovely beach books that take place in Nantucket.
My adoration for Nantucket is definitely fueled by her books. 
Seriously. I've read all of them.  My favorites are Silver Girl and Island.

Loved this restaurant CRU located right on the harbor of Nantucket.
How fittingly stylish is the decor!? Love the stripped pillows that are belted to the back cushions.

 Nantucket Harbor

harbor in Hyannis, Massachusettes (Cape Cod). Loved this Bluewater grille!

view of the Kennedy compound from the beach.

we could not go in the ocean because there were sharks in the area, due to the many seals.
We did see many of the seals though, and it was fun to see them out eating and playing in the ocean.


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