Passion Tea Lemonade :: {Starbucks Style}

Passion Tea Lemonade 
{Starbucks Style}

simple, delicious, & refreshing 
perfect for sipping on the porch or veranda 
on a hot summer day...

 *Tazo Passion Tea
fill pitcher 1/4 up with hot water, add tea bag and let it soak in hot water for 1 min.
(there are two ways to purchase this:: you can get the kind that is for a pitcher of tea, 
or you can get the kind that are normal tea bags for mugs. 
If you get the normal tea bags, add 3-4 tea bags to the hot water.) 

*Add lemonade 
( I typically use the Simply Lemonade, but you could use fresh if you'd like)

*add slices of lemons if you'd like

Oh! and don't forget the 
stripey straws, entertaining supplies, 
& white ceramic Pineapple are all 

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