Meg Ryan's lovely beach retreat in Martha's Vineyard

Now, I know I have an obsession with Nantucket.
I have yet to visit the similar sister Island, Martha's Vineyard, although it is definitely in my plans to do so! I know that it is a larger, more populated, and a more popular island.  The Massachusetts Island has a history and ties with many of the "rich & famous" in history. I can see why the Island has an appeal to many famous people. It has a unique character and beauty and can offer a peaceful seclusion from the rest of the world. It's dreamy really.  Well, at least I imagine so. I adore Nantucket and Cape Cod, and know that it is very similar to those lovely places.  
Anyway, Meg Ryan is one of those movie star's that brilliantly chose to take refuge and comfort on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. 
Featured in Elle Decor, Meg offers a peek into her comfortable and beautiful beach retreat. Her bathroom is actually one of my favorite rooms of the house. The bathtub, vanity, storage, tiled floor, and funky lighting are all pure perfection in my book!  The bluestone and brick shelving in the pantry is pretty impressive too.  Another fave is the dinning area. Love the vintage "Flowers" sign and all the interior windows. It adds character and a historical feel to the beach house.  Check out the article and more photos at Elle Decor

photos, article & more info via Elle Decor

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