Nantucket Surfside Beach House

"The colors of morning mist, foggy late afternoons and clear days adorn the interiors of this very hip, architecturally designed beach home still lending a presence of the old. A collaborative adventure with BPC Architecture and Cross Rip Builders, Rhett DuPont features visual and sensual forms. The textures, furnishings and lighting lend a style of casual elegance with a flair of femininity juxtaposed to the strong lines in the architectural field."

Hello Surfside Chic! 
Nantucket has some seriously amazing Beach Houses… 
I mean… serious. 
As a lover of Nantucket, of course I was drawn to this lovely home.
I recently returned from  trip to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, & Boston.  
I'll post photos of my trip soon, along with some great suggestions on
where to stay and eat.  In the meantime, here are some
fantastic photos of this amazing collaboration between 

photos from 
Donna Elle Seaside Living

for some of my obsessions with Nantucket 
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