Altitude Design Summit 2011

First off, aren't these retro lunch boxes just fantastic? The goodies that were found inside were so fun too! My kids were trying to take over my "treasure box."

Do you ever just FREEZE when you get overwhelmed? 
Lately, I have been doing this excessively... 
I just get so overwhelmed with things I should be doing, or want to be doing, and then these little insecurities sneak in too and it's like this triple paralyzing threat to me. Shouldn't I be able to handle life's stresses better as I age, instead of FREEZING?
I've been wanting to write about Alt Summit, but frankly, I don't think that I'm very good at putting my thoughts into words to express what I really would like to convey.  Regardless, I need to write about this just so I can remind myself why I enjoyed two days with some *crazy* amazing people. 

So, Alt Summit is basically a two day conference where there are keynote speakers, blogging classes, panels, DIY workshops, parties, and a lot of socializing with new & old friends!  I loved re-acquainting with those I met last year, and getting to know many new ladies. I am excited to apply my new-found inspiration and motivation to both my blog, a pina colada, and shop, Modern Palm
To complete the festivities, a series of mini parties were hosted at the hotel by the sponsors. The Kate Spade party was off the hook fun! Aren't the decorations fantastic? The black and white striped base with the fun, bright colors are P*E*R*F*E*C*T! Loved the black glasses, thanks to the Girls with Glasses who helped host the event. And the Kate Spade goody bag, filled with some lovely treats, was a great way to top off the event.
 The keynote lunch on Thursday featured Mondo and Seth Aaron from project runway, and the keynote on Friday was DJ Spooky. They were all very interesting, entertaining and informative! So fun meeting them all too. I was also excited hear from the lovely Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss. I really enjoyed her humor and honesty during the closing keynote speech. 

photo via Armelle
{Caitlin of Caitlin Creer Interiors
Kirsten of 6th Street Design School

It was great meeting the lovely ladies pictured above.
They are all very talented, wonderful, and fun! 

Here are a few of the lovely ladies and friends I was able get to know better: Rachel of Black*Eiffel,Stephanie of StephModo, Suann Song of Simplesong, Jane of See Jane Blog,Courtney of BeauCourt,Alma of Alma Loveland Designs, Kirsten of Simply Grove, Melissa of IS•LY, Dandee of Dandee Designs, Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues, Janie of We Heart Paper, Trina of La La Lovely, Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap,Erin & Rachael of Today's Mama!  WOW! I could go on and on, and I think I just might, in another post...coming soon. :)I'm so grateful for all the new 
knowledge, motivation,and friends I gained from such a great conference.  I'm already looking forward to next year!  

All images courtesy of ALT Design Summit 2011 and 
photo booth images by angela and ithyle


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