"You Had Me at Hello!" Journals & Notecards in Modern Palm Boutique

These journals and notecards are so beautiful... 
they'll have you at Hello! 

Just one look at these journals and notecards 
and you'll fall in love with how darling they are, 
 but you'll also love the fun & unique decorative interiors of the journals 
and the different designs that are included in the notecard packs. 
From birds & owls, to flowers & trees, 
there are many different themed journals and cards.

**I personally love using journals to keep track of things my children say and do. Each child has their own journal and periodically I'll write down different quotes they say, cute or not-so-cute things they do, 
different facts or current favorites (food, colors, movies, books, etc.).
On their birthdays I'll write them a little note/letter in their journal. 
And someday, when they're older, they'll receive these journals. 
Also, in a world of technology, I still believe in the power 
of notecards and thank you cards... 
I personally love to receive a thank you card in the mail. 
The thought is so personal and lovely.

How about you? 
Are you good at keeping a personal journal or what do you use them for? 
Are you good at writing cards or do you still love receiving them?


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