I'm Back....

I'm back from a nice vacation with the fam.  The kids are off track, so we went to Las Vegas with Mr. D and enjoyed some amazingly warm weather, while Mr. D had some work to do.  We went to a different park everyday and had frozen yogurt everyday... in fact, it was so warm that the kids were complaining it was too hot. Funny. Their little bodies just didn't have time to adjust! They went from snow & freezing cold, to hot & sunny 80-90 degree weather. We surprised the kids with a little 2 day trip to Cali too. Loved my time with the kids, however, I had a hard time being disconnected from the computer for a week. I usually put the kids to bed and hop on the computer... well, I guess the bonus to no internet is more sleep. :) I now have a lot to catch up with, but am always grateful for playtime with my kiddos. Will post more photos later.


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