Spring Treats for the Spring Chicks

has fresh spring items for you and your little chicks.
These books are seriously so darling and 
{if you're buying them for someone, you just might have a hard time giving them away}...
I'm also a fan of the animal hooded towels, animal pillows, plush-stuffed animals, children aprons, & art work.

Oh! How we all love SPRING! Eggs, flowers, bunnies, chicks, grass, budding trees and plants... it's all so fresh and exciting.  My 8-year-old was telling me how at school, all-of-a-sudden everyone is liking people and the girls are chasing the boys at recess.  He is just so confused by it.  I was trying to explain to him what happens in the Spring... I referred to Bambi and how they were "twitterpated," then I laughed at the word "twitterpated." It has a new meaning now that so many of us are obsessed with Twitter... we are all "twitterpated." ;) 


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