Clemence Poesy + InStyle + Italy = Fashion Perfection

I am crazy obsessed with this fantastic photo shoot in Portofino of Clemence Poesy. 
I just can get enough of the background scenery, I melt over anything Italian, I swear! 
It could have something to do with a vacation-that-never-happened a few years back...
Mr. D and I had a vacation planned to Italy, and a few weeks before departure,
 we had a wonderful surprise...a pregnancy! 
I had carefully charted what was to be a fabulous Italian tour, 
but I was too sick to go and we had to cancel all plans.  
Since then, I have this weird longing for Italy...
anyway, back to fashion...
I was first introduced to Clemence when she appeared on Gossip Girl. 
She is a beautiful and talented French actress, but now I love her even more... 
This is by far one of my favorite celebrity highlight photo-shoots Instyle has done. 
It is found in the Instyle July issue. 
Love the summer lovin' clothing, style, colors, make-up, hairstyles, scenery--
basically just everything.

I mean seriously... does this outfit not scream "SUMMER RETRO FASHION DREAM!?"

Oh, just hanging out in the Piazza in a seriously stylin' French fabulous casual outfit...

Images via here , article via Instyle, Photographed & Styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele


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