Modern California Beach Home

This outdoor space is so perfect, it almost looks fake. 
I fell in love with this Modern California Beach home when it was 
highlighted in the December/January issue of Coastal Living, 
however, it has been extremely difficult to find photos of it on the web.  
I was excited to finally see just a few photos on Coastal Living
although there are a few missing... I'll try to keep looking for them, 
because I really liked the design and style of this home.

I like how beachy this home is without screaming it. 
I like the modern, casual, white &  bright colors.
It also seems quite kid friendly...
I was just saying today that I would decorate differently if kids weren't involved. 
It is a constant issue to try to have practical & functional decor and still maintain great style.
(note: just yesterday I had a lovely framed wallpaper art piece broken 
because the boys were throwing a ball in the main family room... 
yes, Mr. D was a part of the "boys.")


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