Movie Love: The Parent Trap

Recently, I watched Parent Trap for the millionth time. 
Parent Trap, is my all time favorite movie,
and now I enjoy watching it with my four children.
It's fun to see them enjoying this classic movie too.
 I adore the movie set on the California ranch, I mean seriously,
I would love that family room right now.
It is so interesting to see this room that was designed 50 years ago,
 have decor that is still relevant and used today.
In fact, I'm looking for a sofa that exact same style, but in the color Gray.
I love that some things are just timeless, and some things will leave,
 but will make their way back in the style world again.

Here is a room that I created that was inspired by the fabulous California Ranch decor.
I tried to keep with the white and orange theme, added some tiled pillows to represent 
the tiled stairs, a little rustic, a little mod, a little glam...voila! 

Love this scene! Careful... you might find yourself singing this the rest of the day!

ahhh! Finally, the scheming works and magic is in the air!
I just love this set. Every room is fabulous, and I love how the courtyard is in the 
center of the home, so the rooms surround it and make the atmosphere so unique.
What a view from the kitchen!
Maybe dishes wouldn't be so bad if I had a view to that courtyard!
Seriously... I've done 4 different loads in the last 36 hours!
It never ends ;)
What is one of your all-time favorite movies?

 movie photos via here


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