Stripey + Polka Dot Paper Straws

now has a great selection of stripey & polka dot straws,
These add the perfect retro charm to any party! 
Sweet baby showers, wedding receptions, candy buffets, birthday parties,
luncheons, basically any special event!  
I even like leaving them on the kitchen counter to add a little retro vintage fun.  
You never really outgrow a sippy stick!

I mean really...
aren't these just darling!?
If you get these straws, I would la la love you to send in photos 
of how you use these straws to entertain. If you send me the photos,
I'll post the photos on my blog. 
I'm sure we can all benefit from some creative ideas, 
and I know that y'all have some serious creative juices flowing
in those fantastic parties of yours.


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