Beach Hut in Portugal

Doesn't this beach hut look lovely?
I would love to spend a day, maybe a month, in this fantastic Portuguese fishing hut...
Give me a nice beach read + a pina colada + a nice cheese & crackers plate & I'd be a happy lady.
When I spotted this in Elle Decor I was quite taken.  My favorite part about this quaint hut is that the sand is the floor!  The bonus is that under the sand is a radiant-heat system to warm the floor... um, ok. Can I have that in my own home? I would love a warm floor to walk on.  I feel like I'm always cold and my hubby is always complaining how hot it is... sound familiar?

This is located in the Portuguese coastal town of Comporta, about an hour south of Lisbon.  
It is a quiet fishing village where miles of sandy beaches were framed by acres of pine forests 
and the dunes of the nearby natural reserve of the Sado estuary. 
Hut was renovated for modern living by Aires Mateus and Assoc.
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