Lovely Libraries Round Up

I am a huge, huge fan of Home Libraries...
I still believe in books. 
Even with our wonderful technology and Kindles, iPads, computers, & books on CD... 
I still love me a good book, and I still collect books as well. 
Having a personal "library" was always a goal of mine, and although ours is nothing 
compared to these amazing photos, it is still my favorite room in my home. 
Here are just a few of my favorite library photos floating around the web.

I adore the use of the green curtain, 
and how wonderful to have a room and collection large enough that you'd actually 
have use for a ladder... I mean really. Amazing.

via Houzz

Never in my life have I seen a home library like the one pictured above... 
I bet they don't have a clue what books are on their shelves, but that is one of the coolest rooms ever.
And I adore the idea of having the library above, kinda creating it's own floor. Genius.

Darling, cozy, colorful & fun. I want to hang out there!

Contemporary, chic & bright. Always a fan of a yellow sofa.

This is one of the most popular library photos out there... why? 
Well, I think that we are drawn-in by the charcoal shelves, pink tulip chairs, 
and whimsical shell chandelier...
 It's such a warm, unique and inviting room.
via Vogue


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