Falling for Fall Colors
especially the
Inspiring Color:  
Orange is  powerful, warm, energetic, and spicy. It is one of the healing colors,
 and is said to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance, and curiosity. People who like Orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. 
Orange has become a great base color for interior decor and can be 
used in both traditional settings as well as modern.

Put some Orange in your life when you want:

*to spice things up when you feel time is dragging
*to become more involved in something
*to increase creativity 
*relief from things becoming too serious

These are just a few examples of items found in
that are inspired by  

What I Love about this season:
Falling leaves. Cool breeze. Sweaters to wear. Harvest to share. Pumpkins. Football. Back to school. Full moon. 
Frost soon. Family Feast... Lots to eat. Fall.

I hope you are enjoying this  
wonderful season
and as you prepare for the holidays,  
don't forget all of the unique and wonderful gifts 
that can be found at


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