My Home: Dining Area

Here is my home dining area.
Now it may look a little funny to have the top shelves storing dinnerware and the 
bottom shelves filled with bins and files, however, our dining area 
also serves as our homework/art area. 
In an attempt to be organized, I finally broke down and let the practical side rule,
 and have tried to figure out a way to store our homework and art by our table. 
The bins are from Ikea and hold the piles of work that the kids bring home.
*The dinnerware is from West Elm
Although these particular plates are no longer available, they always have fantastic dinnerware. 
*Recycled Glass Vases West Elm
*Rug is from Ikea
*Porcelain Bananas from Modern Palm 
*Iittala Dinnerware from Modern Palm

  These happen to be the chairs that I spoke of earlier. 
They are hanging on and some are broken and need to be replaced. 
Earlier I shared some of my dream chairs.
There is a black bench on the back side. 
Usually, I have the bench on the exposed side of the table, but my little 2 year old has 
had a problem with it falling lately. He likes to climb all over everything and make things fall, 
so I had to move it to the other side for safety purposes.


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