The Daily Dish

Here is a nice fuzzy iphone photo of my morning with the ladies from 
The Daily Dish and Good Things Utah. 

I've been a bit preoccupied this week...
 I was invited to go on The Daily Dish, which is a local lifestyle morning show.  
I've never been on TV and I was over-the-top NERVOUS.  Funny thing was, 
I was scheduled to go on toward the end of the show, but the person that was
 scheduled to be in the first segment didn't make it there in time, so I had to rush on! 
They didn't even know she wasn't there until they went to commercial and then they realized she wasn't there... so they rushed my table on the set 
and before I know it I hear: "5,4,3,2,1!" 
I was so frazzled and hadn't quite finished setting up, and had No clue where to stand. Ha! What an experience. At the beginning, my voice was all shaky but after a minute 
I think I was able to pull-it-together a bit. Wow! What an experience. 
I was asked to do a segment on Sprucing up you kitchen for Spring...
{More on that later}
I'm glad I did it and ended up having a lot of fun with the gals on the show. 
 I'm so glad I didn't give-in to my fears, and not do it, even though I desperately wanted to. :)  Now, I know more of what to expect when I go back. Yes, I did say that I'd do it again... YIKES! :{/:}

Dear Daily Dish, Thanks for having my on! 
Ladies, You're Fabulous!


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