Designer Highlight: Meg Braff

There are many designers that I follow and adore... 
however, I am going to go out-on-a-limb and say that Meg Braff has become one of my favorite designers.  
I'm continually impressed with her style and la, la, love that she includes so many colors and textures. 
I'm also impressed with how her designs can be fresh and unique 
while remaining classy and timeless.  
Once again, Coastal Living, has revealed some more of her fabulous work, 
but this time, these lovely photos happen to be of her very own West Palm Beach condo. 

Hey Meg! Next time I'm in Florida, how would you like to get lunch? 
I'd love to come see this fantastic condo for myself!

I am such a fan of warm orange mixed with cool blue. It is a beautiful combo and this room looks 
amazing paired with bold white. The wallpaper Meg Braff used is so fun and unique.

This dinning room is classy & simple, yet bold & vibrant.
Love how it is anchored with white, splashed with bright, happy colors, and evened with the green plant.

I don't know if I would have ever had guts to create a bright aqua bedroom, 
but I certainly I'm impressed with this fun room.

The unique coffee table and shell-inspired ceiling fixture makes this room so whimsical. 
The bold aqua furniture paired with the green pillows is genius, and Oh! hello lovely yellow. 

Although I'm not one for a pink attack, I love how the Asian-inspired wallpaper 
and a geometric print on throw pillows keeps this bedroom classy and mature. 
I just can't get enough of Meg Braff's designs. Can't wait to covet more of her work.

Photos via Coastal Living, Photographer Annie Schlechter, Designer Meg Braff


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