Kobo Candles: A "New Obsession" for Rachel Bilson

Kobo Candles have been highlighted many times in many different magazines and on many different web sites.  All I can say is I'm a HUGE fan of Kobo Soy Candles.  In fact, that is the reason I added them to Modern Palm... I fell in with the book and the cover.  The packaging is unique and beautiful, you don't even need gift wrapping, and the scents are memorable, unique, and fresh.  "Woooow!" Is usually the word that sneaks out after someone smells a Kobo Candle for the first time. 

Rachel Bilson added the Kobo Candle to her "New Obsession" list in her column in Instyle.

Kobo Candles are created using environmentally friendly materials and are made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans.  The scents are achieved by using the finest boutique fragrance houses in the US. 

Other Magazines & Press that Kobo Soy Candles have been a part of:

 Don't forget that the Kobo Candles from Modern Palm 
were included on Martha Stewart's Christmas Gift Guide!
Pretty cool stuff...


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