A Contemporary & Historical Nantucket Retreat by Rebecca Ascher

I have been reading a few books over the summer that take place in Nantucket
so I have this newly found desire to visit there soon!  When I saw this article in Elle Decor 
about this beautiful Nantucket beach house, I was instantly attracted to the decor, however, 
when I found that this beach house was a historical home, built in the 1860's,
 I was instantly intrigued... 
 We're talking the civil war times people! 
What an incredible opportunity to be able to restore, redecorate, and work with a
 historical home on Nantucket... and I must add Rebecca Ascher did an outstanding job!
I'll tell you what first drew me to the photo of the living room, 
for sure it was the black & white stripped ottomans. Love.  

What draws me to this home is the simplicity 
and the light mix of natural elements and modern touches.
 I love the light, natural color pallet with a dollop of bight color here and there.
The decor and color palette seem to create a timeless beauty 
that is perfect for a significant historical beach home.

I adore this room for children. The deep blue with hints of nautical and beach decor is perfection...
and that pure white bathroom with the incredible bathtub screams relaxation. 
I wonder if they rent out this Sandhill home?  
Wouldn't that be a dream to spend  a summer there? Yes, a dream.

 Photos via Elle Decor


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