Repurposing Savon de Marseille Soap Bottles

Love that Stephanie from Stephmodo shared these beautiful photos of how she repurposed 
her graphic glass Savon de Marseille soap bottle when she was finished with the amazing 
Orange Blossom scent. Not only is the soap amazing but so is the lovely French packaging 
& you can continue to benefit from the modern and graphic bottles even when the
amazing soap and/or lotion is gone.  Great idea Steph! 
It's nice to know others love Savon de Marseille as much as I!

Why is this Savon de Marseille soap + lotion really that wonderful?
Well, the mild but true scent of PURE soap will take you on a wee journey 
to the destination of Marseille, France.
In fact, they still make this soap the same way they've been making it for ages. 
This is one of the "in-the-know" products. 
Whether you were introduced to it when you were in France
or happened upon it, you are one of the lucky ones. 
You feel the difference of quality with this soap. It's just perfect!
Treat your hands to a delicate cleansing experience with 

images via stephmodo


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