Dining Chair Round-Up: The Fab 9

So, the next furniture item on our "need" list are dinning chairs... and when I say "need," I mean NEED! We have lost broken two, so I replaced those with a bench, and now I have four that are hanging on... 
a few are broken but still a wee bit usable. You may ask why have we not just replaced already? 
Two reasons: 1- I am indecisive  
(only because when we purchase something it has to be something I will like forever 
because I have a husband that hates to spend money on furniture and items for the home, 
which is really too bad since I like love to change things up and move things around... 
basically I'm obsessed with home decor and he is not. Darn!)

2- well it really relates to the first reason... the husband doesn't want to buy new chairs...

so, I decided to make a collection of the chairs that are in the running 
for when Mr. D decides our 4 injured chairs are no longer fit for dinning...
let's see how long this will take! 
Oh, and yes, I'm still dreaming of adding a banquette in the future.


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