Bright & Colorful Doors

Remember Blueprint? Oh, I miss them... anywho, 
I am obsessed with the colors of this home and front door combo.

This is my current door...
I'm always a fan of the classic black, however, sometimes I think it would be fun
 to spice things up with one of these new colors...

photos found via Pinterest...
come pin with me! :)


Lavender, Chartreuse & Aqua: Bold & Beautiful Home

Lately, I've been loving the color combo of lavender & chartreuse, so when I spotted this 
dramatic and colorful home in House Beautiful I was instantly hooked. 
I really like how they chose three main colors: lavender, chartreuse and aqua to use in the home, 
but they still mixed in different colors and used them in different combinations 
so the three main colors don't become over bearing or tiresome. 
I love that this image is taken from above, to give a different view.  
I also love the camel U shaped sofa. What a dream sofa! 
Pat Healing of HB Home was the designer for this vibrant New York home.
For the interview and more photos of home visit House Beautiful.

This dining table is amazing! 
What a statement piece. Plus, those vinyl chartreuse dining chairs are amazing and the 
Green grass cloth wallpaper, Arrowroot by Phillip Jeffries,  is fresh and striking!
Love it all.

The metallic wall covering by Studio E, gives the master bedroom walls a silvery luminosity 
and really makes the room unique and lovely.  I adore that yellow abstract art that makes a fantastic statement and balances the room so it is not so... formal?

This bedroom is fantastic!
The aqua, black and white is so happy and I am obsessed with this 
Paradise Background wallpaper by Quadrille
The amazing blue Tiered chandelier is from HB Home.


New! Savon de Marseille Mediterranean Soap + Lotion

I love and adore the Mediterranean 
and dream of going back and experiencing more of the sights, flavors, scents & beauty.
I was ecstatic when Savon de Marseille created and added their new scent, 
Mediterranean Sea to their collection. 
Savon de Marseille Mediterranean Sea soap & lotion is now found in Modern Palm Boutique.

Transport yourself to the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea with this captivating fragrance from Compagnie de Provence. This refreshing scent blends white flowers, ripe citrus and subtle hints of musk, topped off with a light salty note. Indulge yourself with our Mediterranean Liquid Marseille Soap, which will gently cleanse your hands leaving them refreshingly soft and smooth.

photos via Pinterest


A Contemporary & Historical Nantucket Retreat by Rebecca Ascher

I have been reading a few books over the summer that take place in Nantucket
so I have this newly found desire to visit there soon!  When I saw this article in Elle Decor 
about this beautiful Nantucket beach house, I was instantly attracted to the decor, however, 
when I found that this beach house was a historical home, built in the 1860's,
 I was instantly intrigued... 
 We're talking the civil war times people! 
What an incredible opportunity to be able to restore, redecorate, and work with a
 historical home on Nantucket... and I must add Rebecca Ascher did an outstanding job!
I'll tell you what first drew me to the photo of the living room, 
for sure it was the black & white stripped ottomans. Love.  

What draws me to this home is the simplicity 
and the light mix of natural elements and modern touches.
 I love the light, natural color pallet with a dollop of bight color here and there.
The decor and color palette seem to create a timeless beauty 
that is perfect for a significant historical beach home.

I adore this room for children. The deep blue with hints of nautical and beach decor is perfection...
and that pure white bathroom with the incredible bathtub screams relaxation. 
I wonder if they rent out this Sandhill home?  
Wouldn't that be a dream to spend  a summer there? Yes, a dream.

 Photos via Elle Decor


Repurposing Savon de Marseille Soap Bottles

Love that Stephanie from Stephmodo shared these beautiful photos of how she repurposed 
her graphic glass Savon de Marseille soap bottle when she was finished with the amazing 
Orange Blossom scent. Not only is the soap amazing but so is the lovely French packaging 
& you can continue to benefit from the modern and graphic bottles even when the
amazing soap and/or lotion is gone.  Great idea Steph! 
It's nice to know others love Savon de Marseille as much as I!

Why is this Savon de Marseille soap + lotion really that wonderful?
Well, the mild but true scent of PURE soap will take you on a wee journey 
to the destination of Marseille, France.
In fact, they still make this soap the same way they've been making it for ages. 
This is one of the "in-the-know" products. 
Whether you were introduced to it when you were in France
or happened upon it, you are one of the lucky ones. 
You feel the difference of quality with this soap. It's just perfect!
Treat your hands to a delicate cleansing experience with 

images via stephmodo

Jack & Lulu Cards in Elle Decor Magazine: available at Modern Palm

Look who was featured in Elle Decor Magazine...  
Why the lovely, simple, & charming Jack & Lulu Anchor & Lobster Note Cards.  
"With their iconic gold-foil-embossed seaside motifs and watery hues, 
Jack and Lulu's note cards are a charming way to extend an invitation 
or express thanks this summer. " 

These cards are available in Modern Palm Boutique
along with several other styles & colors.  

Also available:  
palm trees, pineapples, crabs, horses, bees, tennis rackets, crickets, star fish...
basically something for everyone.
These cards make the perfect thank you and the perfect gift!  
I can't get enough of them!
What a fun thing to send to someone that you vacationed with this summer, 
or a perfect hosting gift, or a perfect personalized gift to a friend or family member. 
Packaging Idea: tie a string around these cute boxes using Divine Bakers Twine
from Modern Palm Boutique, and that makes such a darling gift!


Fab 5 Favorites

 Here is my Fab 5 Favorite items for this week.  
These Toms Plum Sequins Slip On Shoes look so darling! Love the color and comfort! 
I may be late in this discovery, but I'm loving the Peony color of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer.  
I'm loving this rose gold Michael Kors "Show Stopper" Resin Watch . I think I need this 
Mad Men Betty Scarf. Love that the leopard pattern is in a muted color. It's destined to be a classic! 
And last but not least, I use this Modern Palm Bowling Bag on a daily basis!
Love the design, style, and functional size.  It is usually my laptop bag, but I also use it for my carry-all.
It wipes down and has interior pockets so it's perfect for me being the mom of four. :) 
I'm going to try to do the Fab 5 Favorites list every week to share some of the things 
I love, have discovered, or am dreaming/drooling over. 
Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


Dining Chair Round-Up: The Fab 9

So, the next furniture item on our "need" list are dinning chairs... and when I say "need," I mean NEED! We have lost broken two, so I replaced those with a bench, and now I have four that are hanging on... 
a few are broken but still a wee bit usable. You may ask why have we not just replaced already? 
Two reasons: 1- I am indecisive  
(only because when we purchase something it has to be something I will like forever 
because I have a husband that hates to spend money on furniture and items for the home, 
which is really too bad since I like love to change things up and move things around... 
basically I'm obsessed with home decor and he is not. Darn!)

2- well it really relates to the first reason... the husband doesn't want to buy new chairs...

so, I decided to make a collection of the chairs that are in the running 
for when Mr. D decides our 4 injured chairs are no longer fit for dinning...
let's see how long this will take! 
Oh, and yes, I'm still dreaming of adding a banquette in the future.


Paper Lantern

Are you dying? 
Isn't this paper lantern too-die-for?
As I was looking at my old files I realized I hadn't shared this yet... 
I found this fantastic lantern over at the creative blog Parlour a few months ago.
Not only do I love the lantern made of coffee paper liners, 
but I also love the design of the dinning room. 
I love that there are such creative people & bloggers out there...
of course, I always feel insanely not-creative,
but at least I can benefit from the talent of others, right?
LOVE this entire room.


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