Nantucket Style with Lynn Morgan Design

What is my obsession with Nantucket? 
Not quite sure why I'm loving that lovely place so much lately...
Nantucket has so many great aspects... there is the historical and colonial downtown, 
but there is also a fun and hip vibe, the calm and quite relaxing feel, beautiful beaches, 
plus the beautiful gray and white beach homes.
There is a distinct Nantucket style, which says quite a bit for a small little island 
30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.
In my opinion, this home is pure perfection... and who is to be given credit for this perfection?

I'm dying over that fantastic table in the hallway. It is so natural, beachy, and imperfect.
 I have become a fan of Lynn's designs and appreciate how natural, clean and crisp this home is, 
but with a touch of whimsy and color. 

 images via  Lynn Morgan Design

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